Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Testing for Digestive Health, Parasites, Leaky Gut and SIBO – Links and Costs

Just thought I’d do a follow up post to extract the info from the last three blogs where I’ve mentioned testing as it seems to be the most FAQ at this point :-)

The first test I got was the GIFX stool test through:
I did it in Australia through:
This company also does this testing and I think Metametrix is linked with them now:
The Naturopath I did my consults with was Shannon Buford at:
I now see Dr Dane Pervan here in Perth:
To find your own practitioner simply send an email to Diagnostic Insight in Australia or New Zealand or Metametrix in the US.

It took me several doctors and two naturopaths to finally get to this, I had to ask specifically and find someone who did it as not everyone does. It cost me $385 but is extremely comprehensive testing for: inflammation, candida, helicobactor pylori, dysbiosis and roughly 15 different parasites. This did not cover the cost for initial and follow up consults which can be anywhere from $100-180. Or the treatment fees for herbals and prescription drugs.

Then I did a urine test for Leaky Gut/Intestinal Permeability, I choose to order it through a practitioner online:
Who used:
This company also does it:
As would Metametrix/Genova in the US mentioned above.

Many practitioners do this test, I found it hard to convince my naturopath to give one to me though (hence why I went online). His theory was (understandably) that if I have digestive issues and especially parasites, then it’s safe to assume I had leaky gut. Due to the dietary restrictions involved in healing leaky gut however I wanted to see it on paper to keep me motivated long term. I paid $140 but I think it’s usually around $90-120.

Then I did the breath tests as I wanted to confirm my suspicion of SIBO, small intestinal bacteria overgrowth (what's SIBO? Click here) and check if my reactions to some fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products were due to my gut dysfunction or actual malabsorption issues.

I went through:
Mainly because they deliver Australia wide and I wanted to do the tests at home.
Here is a company in the States that you can order the same tests through:

These tests aren’t cheap but for me they were important to do. You don’t have to do all of them but the minimum is two tests as one is a control test. The cost for me here in Australia was $475 as I did four of them (fructose, lactose, glucose for SIBO + control test). No other consult fees as I did it at home. Side note, the customer service at Stream Diagnostics was fast and thorough. 

If I was to start the journey again I would find a functional medicine specialist, I had to go through at least five practitioners before I found people that were on the same page as me. Dr Lauren Noel, Dr Amy Myers (both in the states) and Claire Yates at Indi Nature here in Perth are people at the top of my list and you can work with these ladies online. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners are also great.

A quick note too, I don’t get any perks from sharing these links, it’s purely in the interest of sharing what’s helped me that I put this post together. Now go forth and test! 


Dr Lauren Noel
Dr Amy Myers
Claire Yates
Function Diagnostic Nutrition

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