Monday, 27 January 2014

What's going on, what's going on?

The last several weeks have continued to be a wild goose chase. I'm baffled over the time and money I've had to spend to get answers and treatment. Seems in today's 'healthcare' industry unless you're completely broken, you're not offered any real help. The last few months, through testing, I've come up with a short grocery list of things that are askew but no-one that could help me piece together - I've had a distinct lack of 'connect the dots'.

The first naturopath early 2013 was obsessed with my thyroid, sold me two weeks rent worth of tests and supplements on the first visit (at the time I lived alone so two weeks rent was was no small amount). After three visits and coming up short with answers she decided that it was my job and until I stopped working night shift I was destined to be unwell. The first doctor, while super lovely, didn't know how to dig deep enough with the tools she was given (standard medical testing) and suggested I might be depressed. The next naturopath, while he gave me the stool test I was after, was resistant to giving me more tests that I'd asked about... And again wanted to put me on a luke warm diet and supplements. 

The Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, while spot on with my organ imbalances, poo poo'd the tests I showed her and wasn't interested in treating specifics (which is valid but I felt so broken that my gut told me that this general approach wasn't going to work). Her fees were also high and I was sent off each week with a small bag of supplements, one visit was a weeks rent and of course I had to come back weekly for anything to stick. I was so hopeful with the next doctor, the first visit was amazing, but the second visit revealed he was obsessed with my resistant gut pathogen and pretty much refused to treat or test anything else until I'd gone to Sydney for a treatment (yeah cos I had a spare $2000 just floating around). He also misdiagnosed my partner, and didn't give me a look at when I mentioned I had small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (plus test results to prove it) - which later that week in a biopsy proved to be worse than I thought and I believe a major source of my year long battle with fatigue.

If you've ever had troubles with doctors or alternative therapists, felt unheard or made to feel like a hypochondriac, know that you're not alone.

Through my persistence and refusing to be told how I was feeling, as well as blood, breath, urine, stool and soon salvia testing I've found:

- Blastocystis (treated twice with triple therapy antibiotics and supplements)
- H Pylori (treated with nexium hp7 and herbals)
- Candida (treated with nilstat and herbs)
- Leaky Gut (ongoing treatment through diet)
- Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (treated with keflex and oregano) 
- Low functioning adrenals (doing a salvia test this week to determine how low)
- Low Testosterone  
- Super High B12 (which lead me to investigate...)
- MTHFR gene mutation (follow up tests to this are whole blood histamine and pyrroles to determine the extent I'm being affected by my homozygous C677T mutation) 
- Positive anti nuclear antibodies which point to some auto immune activity but further testing found no specifics
- An endoscopy showed some scarring and gastritis (I have to follow up with this)
- A colonoscopy cleared me of any physical digestive issues (phew!)

I had an appointment with a phenomenal doctor yesterday; he took two pages of notes and in 45mins we still didn't cover everything. It was the first time someone took a step back and viewed how everything was connected. He didn't obsess over one point and took tests results, lifestyle, environment, allergies, upbringing and imbalances into consideration - he sent me away for a few more tests and I go back in a month to get a full picture overview. 

Why don't they make more doctors like this!? I'm just so glad I was determined enough to see this through and not back down when others thought I was crazy and 'probably had nothing wrong'...  Moral of the story? Don't ever let anyone bully you into giving up on yourself! Xxx


  1. You are making me cry and smile at the same time .... I am living exactly the same life issues as you .....I just came across your blog and I am so happy I did.. I am looking into getting all the similar test.

    1. Big hugs to you! This comment made my day... Sometimes I wonder if I'm just writing for my own amusement but I'm so happy it's helping some people feel less alone on this bumpy ride! Don't give up, find yourself a good ND or functional medicine doctor and get the tests you need. Much love and much luck xxx

  2. Hey Kristi, just stumbled upon your blog. I'm also in Perth and having exact same health & doc issues. I had a little tiff with my GP of over 15 yrs, who I thought knew me well. He was so dismissive I'm not going back. I've had heaps of tests (feel like a pin cushion) - thyroid, adrenals, hpylori, Ross river, hormones. Nothing! Need to find a doc that will take my GI issues seriously. Where is this awesome doc you go to?
    All the best,Maya

    1. Hey Maya, I'm sorry to hear you are in the same boat... Have you been tested for leaky gut, SIBO, parasites and have you made any dietary changes? That might be a good starting point... I'm seeing Dr Nathan Francis in Mt Pleasant but there is a bit of a process to get in to see him, plus a wee wait time and while he is amaze balls he isn't cheap... First appointment HAS to be 45 mins... I think he is incredible but it might be worth ruling out the above first. Clare Yates at indinature is a Perth nutritionist who I'd also highly recommend... She can help you with stool testing to rule out the above plus help with diet. She does Skype and in person consults.

    2. Wondering how you stumbled across my page? :-)

      Also, I can't recommend this book enough: