The short of it!

Kris Ti: Me :-) 32, Female, New Zealander living in Aus, Wellness Adventurer.
Health: Freedom from dis-ease or ailments - Soundness of body and mind.
Ventures: An undertaking involving uncertainty as to the outcome 
- To take risk, to dare.

The Long of it...

After 20 years of various seemingly unconnected health dots, I’m finally stepping outside the wisdom doctors and naturopaths have offered me to forge my own little path to wellness – wellness not only in the sense of being free of symptoms, but beyond that to living a life in which I am in control of my health - becoming aware of what affects me and what helps me thrive.

In my early years this was narrowed down to a somewhat obsessive approach to food and fitness. My previous life as a yoga teacher, group fitness instructor and personal trainer was a crumbling exterior of a persona I was trying to hold together, pieced in front of a back drop of all that can go wrong. I over trained, under ate, over stimulated, under slept, over stressed, did the vegetarian thing in various forms (not ideal for me) and consumed all the latest supplements to try and keep myself functioning “normally”. My digestion was screwed, my skin hadn’t moved beyond puberty, my body ached, I was anxious and almost anything that went askew made me want to cry.

Eventually I just couldn’t hold myself together anymore, enter “the crash” aka the year I got my arse kicked. Almost overnight I became strapped to the couch holding on through a wave of ups and downs that seemed to never end. Along with all of the above symptoms getting worse, joint pain kicked in, then major headaches, followed by fatigue like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. As you’d expect depression and confusion set in soon after, then I just got angry that my body was retaliating so badly. When I finally got over feeling sorry for myself I got active – I had caused this so it was up to me to fix it.  

As the number of health professionals I saw got higher and my answers got fewer, I realised something wasn’t adding up. I didn’t want the anti-depressants the doctor wanted to prescribe me (for the third time) and the naturopath’s advice of “waiting it out” just didn’t feel right. Something had to be done. I was over feeling like a victim to the seemingly unpredictable nature of a body that no longer felt like mine. So welcome to my blog, part journal, part research and lots of reflections on me, Little Kristi and my big health ventures :-)

First stop - My Adventures in Digestive Wellness and what I've found out so far.

Then - Treating Blastocystis, H.Pylori, Candida and Leaky Gut aka when bad bugs happen to good people.

Next - Breath Testing for SIBO, Fructose Malabsorption and Lactose Intolerance

And then - SIBO + My Action Plan

If you're still keen - Surrendering to Chronic Dis-Ease

And... Gut Infections and Resistant Bugs (an update)

Nearly there - SIBO and Blasto Update

Jan Update - Don't Give Up

March Update - Round up and Resources

The SIBO Saga continues: Treating SIBO

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And then this happens... Burn Out!

One Year Update

**Disclaimer: I am not a qualified nutritionist, naturopath or dietician. Information on this website is for the purpose of sharing my journey, in hopes to help you on yours. Please check in with a qualified professional that resonates with you to get proper testing and guidance before embarking on your own health ventures xxx